A Day in the Life of a FederalMonitor.ca User


Arrive at work. Review FederalMonitor.ca email alert: "South Korea" was mentioned in the House yesterday. Send quick note to VP of government relations about new angle for R&D advocacy.

Mentions of 'South Korea' in the House


"Pharma" mentioned in a press release. Looks like our competitors are getting nailed on imports from India. Send heads-up email to purchasing department and marketing group.

Press release about 'Pharma'


Review lower-priority email alert from earlier about "HFC". Phone VP of Sustainability and suggest writing a quick note to Ms. Adams' office that endorses her plan and explains what we're doing to combat HFCs.

Mentions of 'HFC' in the House


Review yesterday's House mentions of "pharma" - no mentions of our company. Confirm with John that I'll be able make it to the hockey game tonight.

Mentions of 'Pharma' in the House

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